My name is Tiffany Corey and I am a four-time open heart surgery survivor. If you are looking for an encouraging word, inspiration, and/or advice about open heart surgeries (and sometimes other topics too :D) this is the place to be! Please enjoy my blog, learning more about me, and purchase my debut book about my experiences and advice on open heart surgeries. 


Tiffany's debut book "Take Heart: The life and lessons of a four time open heart surgery patient" is now available. 

Through stories, humor, and dozens of useful tips, she helps anyone facing health problems to learn:

  • How to be an essential part of their health care team

  • How to survive and thrive in the hospital

  • What to expect on the road to recovery

  • How to be a part of someone else’s support system

  • How faith is important to the healing process

If you are facing health challenges this inspirational and practical book is for you.


My Blog is filled with inspirational thoughts, funny stories, heart surgery advice, craft and recipes ideas, anything and everything that comes to my mind. Come on over and enjoy!