17 weeks later...

Quarantine was a unique adventure. The first month I stayed home from work, church and going out in public at all. The first time I went out in public was to go to my parents house for Mother's Day. It felt so good to get out of the house after a month and a half. I didn't go into a store for three months. I went back to church after 3.5 months. I went back to work (actual building, I had been working from home the whole time) after 4 months. While there are a lot of opinions and division about what people should be doing and how they should be handling COVID I have come to learn a few things about myself during my time in quarantine.

First, we were made to have relationships. I can't count how many times I said “I miss....” fill in the blank with the friend or family member I was thinking of at the time. I made my family and closest use the app Marco Polo to make videos to send to each other. I was so thankful for my husband. I was glad I wasn't sitting home alone everyday. I had someone to talk to and bounce things off of everyday. I believe God meant for us to thrive when we live, work, laugh, support, and love with each other. No one is meant to be alone. Relationships, real relationships, are SO important for us all to have. I have made a choice to make sure I cherish and cultivated the relationships in my life. We are not guaranteed tomorrow so we need to make sure we truly love each other well. What matters most in this life is loving God and loving people. Period.

Second, I realized how much of an introvert I am. Although I was home for so long I didn't mind it. I enjoyed getting up every morning and not having to “get ready” for work. I could just sit in my own little corner in my own little chair and type away all day so it didn't matter. The quietness and solitude was as refreshing and it was draining. Now I realize that this goes against everything I just said and relationships, but I enjoyed the calmness of those days. I wasn't worried about driving to work in morning/evening traffic. I wasn't worried about not what to make for my breakfast and lunch everyday. I just need to grab something from the frig when I was ready to eat. I also loved that every morning I had so much extra time in my day that I got in a mile walk and a devotional time almost everyday. In someway during quarantine was the healthiest I've ever been.

Lastly, I realized more than ever that life is short. This is not a new concept to me as I've been close to death before but it made me evaluate how I am going to live my life. More specifically, would I let the fear of getting COVID run my life? I chose no. I would not allow fear of what “might happen” make me stop enjoying this life. Now I know with my heart condition I need to be careful, but I have spent most of my life being careful of germs. I have lived through 37 flu seasons. I have learned to wash my hands properly, keep my distance from those that as are ill, and I've even gotten sick and lived to tell about it. I believe with proper care and wisdom we can still go about living our lives. I have chosen to not let this illness stop me. I love the life God have given me and the people in it. I refuse to live in fear. If I happen to get COVID I will either recover or die...and if I die I know where I am going, so why should I live in fear?

We are living in a crazy time in history. I am sad by all the things that have been taken away from us because of this illness. I do pray for health and wellness for everyone. I pray that this illness, just like cancer, CHD, and multiple others will be eradicated. As we move forward I know that hard days are ahead of us, but I trust that God will bring us through those days just as he has the past 121 days. What is something that you have learned about yourself in the past 17 weeks?

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