In the quiet (and not so quiet) moments of life, I often forget to stop. Just stop. Stop thinking. Stop doing. Stop making lists and plans. Sometimes I just need to stop, be quiet, maybe say a prayer or nothing at all. I need to get better at stopping. In my life as in many other people’s lives, I have found that I am always planning. I plan for good things and for contingency plans for whatever gets in the way of those good things. As I look back on last year and the first 20 days of this New Year I realize that it feels like time is just running by me. If I am being honest too much of my time is spent looking at my phone. I like seeing into others’ lives and knowing what’s going on with my friends, but I do find that sometimes I forget that this is simply their highlight reel and not really what’s going on with them. I have decided for this New Year of 2020 to do more things that get me off my phone and stopping to enjoy this life I am blessed to have.

Goal 1: Read more books

Now I’m not a big reader, even though I have written a book (how’s that for irony?). I do enjoy a good Christian romance novel or self-improvement type of book. I have decided to start small, as all good habits should be started. I want to read 1 book a month. Nothing profound or following any list here, but just stop, read, and enjoy other entertainment than what’s on a screen.

Goal 2: Read through the Bible

Yikes! This seems so big and daunting especially for a girl who doesn’t read a lot. I have realized that as a Sunday school teacher, a church youth leader, and a theology major I am woefully lacking in my Biblical knowledge as to where and how things happen in the Bible. Yes, I know the important things and the stories that were told to me as a child, but as an adult, it’s time to let those things settle in. I am using an app on my phone called YouVersion that is a Bible app with all kinds of different devotionals on it. The Bible Project: The Bible is my “reading through the Bible in one year” devotional. It. Is. Awesome! Not only is it breaking down the chapters in readable sections, but it also provides devotionals that come with a YouTube video that explains the book of the Bible you are in. I highly recommend it if reading through the Bible is something you are interested in.

Goal 3: Be more intentional in my relationships

I think a lot of us suffer from being too busy and often our relationships suffer because of that. I want to focus this year more on building on those relationships in my life that will help me grow as a person. I find a lot of times that when I get together with a friend I am often simply listening to their issues, and while that’s not a bad thing it’s also nice to have those friendships that want to hear from me. I’m not just a sounding board but I also have a sounding board. Those are the friendships I want to see grow in my life. I want those friendships that have a good give and take, and that offer support, love, prayers, advice and of course laughter. I have prayed over this and I believe God will open the doors and lead the way in this endeavor.

Additionally, I need and want to be more intentional in my marriage. Jon and I are doing well and are going to be celebrating 15 years of marriage this year, but I never want to become complacent. I want to make sure that we are still dating and taking time out for one another. Life can get so busy with so many different things that it’s easy to just let time run by without taking time out for each other. I hope we can be better at date nights this year.

Those are my 3 main goals for this 2020. I wanted to put them out here as a way to keep myself accountable. They are not resolutions because I know I will probably mess up on one or all of them at some point, but they are my goals to try and improve my life a little more in this New Year. Don’t take the time God gives you for granted; make sure you use it well. What are your goals for 2020?

#advice #goals #Godlessons

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