From veteran to newbie

I have worked in my new job for almost two months now. I’m not going to say where I work for privacy, but my job is to go over applications and documents to see if the product the person is applying for is suitable for their financial needs. It is a more involved job than I thought it was going to be. I have experienced a lot of culture shock in starting this new position as well.

First off, the training was one week long. I came from an insurance institution where the training is months long. I ever trained two people in my job, and that took a couple months. I work with 4 systems now in contrast to the 12 I was working. (Yes this maybe why the training is less) I have a very large, but reserved team. Not to say they are not nice people, but they don’t talk to each other very much. There is just so much work to do there is just not much time to be social. My last work place was big on engagement and getting to know your co-workers, so this very different. One major positive about my new job is that I no longer have to clock in and out of everything I am doing. I don’t feel as chained to my desk as I did at Nationwide where everything was micro managed and tracked.

The biggest change though is that I am now the newbie. I went from being the veteran that helped everyone else out and now I know nothing. That’s a huge culture shock. It’s unsettling. I get asked a lot if I like my new job, and I do like parts of it but it’s just so different that I am still trying to figure it all out. I know as time goes on and I ask more questions and get to know the people more it will all feel less like I am a foreigner is a strange land. I just keep reminding myself that this is the door God opened to me. I am here on purpose for a purpose. The best I can do is give it my best. Keep a positive mind and heart set, and know that it's ok not to know everything.

Three great things that I love about my new job so far:

  1. My husband and I can ride to work together again. He has been such a gentleman and chauffeured me right to my door into work every morning. We still argue over the radio sometimes, but for the most part it’s been really nice having him there to go on break with and chat to if I need to. I can also ask him questions about some of the system or building, and because he’s been there for a year now, he’s always able to help me.

  2. I have made two new friends. Tayla and I started on the same day and were trained together. She and I bonded over being the newbies. Dawn is the lady who sits behind me. She and Tayla knew each other from working together at another business, so I took it upon myself to introduce myself to her on my second day of work. I asked both ladies to go to lunch with me on that second day as well and we have all been friends every since. They are both wonderful women and single moms. I have great respect for them both being self-made women. We have fun talking about everything under the sun at lunch and bouncing back and forth to each other’s desks with questions.

  3. I’m doing something new. I stepped out of my comfort zone and challenged myself to something new. I know there will be a period of adjustment, but I have hope that as I continue on that I can find my niche here too. That I can excel and use the skills God has given me to do well in my new work life. Time will tell, but I am happy and proud to say I took the chance to learn something new.

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