The smell of Grandma

Confession: I love makeup. I always have. Ever since I was a little girl I’ve loved playing with it. I loved how it made me feel like a grown-up as a kid. I can remember being a little girl and sitting in the bathroom every morning watching my older sister get ready for school. As she put on her makeup I’d watch everything she did, ask questions and talked to her about the makeup she was using. She was my first makeup teacher. I know now that she didn’t really know what she was doing, but she was repeating everything she had seen our mom do while she was putting on her makeup.

I was thinking today about the first time I had ever encountered makeup. It was my Grandma Wagner’s makeup that she carried in her purse. I grew up a latch key kid because both of my parents worked, but before I was old enough to stay by myself my Grandma was my babysitter. I would do a half day of preschool and then she’d come and pick me up and we’d spend the rest of the day together. On Wednesdays, she would take me to the McDonalds that use to be in the basement of Merle Hay Mall. I’d get a happy meal and she’d get a fish filet sandwich and fries. She uses to scrap the tartar sauce off the sandwich (because she said they always put too much on it, I would dip my fries in her tartar sauce instead of in ketchup. It was delicious. We would be responsible for picking up my older sister and brother from school every day. While we would wait for them in the parking lot I would always dig around in her purse. I don’t know why I thought this was ok to do, but I was four and bored, and she never stopped me. She always had a small bag of makeup in her purse and tic tacs. I’d eat a tic tac or two and start playing with her makeup. First the powder, then the blush, and lastly the bright pink lipstick. The lipstick had a very distinct smell to it. Nothing I can pin down, but at the time all the lipstick smelled like this, and it will forever remind me of my Grandma June.

In my teens and early twenties, makeup was just an enhancement or a cover-up depending on how my skin was treating me that day. I’ve always had rosacea (bright red pigment) on my cheeks. My Grandma used to call it my natural blush. I’ve never been a fan of it and done what I could to tone it down. I really had no direction or thought as to how to do my makeup correctly. But now that I am in my 30s I have gotten interested in how to do more with my makeup. It started when my eyebrows started to thin. I wasn’t happy with the look and decided to see if I could find a YouTube video on how to correctly apply eyebrow pencils since I had never done it before. BOY HOWDY was I amazed at the information I found on YouTube! There is a whole Beauty Community out there of women and men who want to teach you how to apply makeup correctly and what is the best makeup to buy. y interest in makeup sparked right back up again. I did find that I needed to sort out the beauty vloggers from the artsy artist to the everyday makeup artist. I found such ladies as Emily Noel, Allie Glines, Kate from the Small Things Blog They are everyday women who are a self-taught makeup artist. They stick with mostly drugstore priced makeup. They teach makeup techniques and review makeup that is out on the market. I find it all very interesting. My makeup collection has grown this past year, but not so much that I need to have a makeup room. I have loved trying the recommendations that might fit me and my style.

A couple of months ago Allie Glines did a review on Loreals colour riche lipsticks. She said they were smooth, had great pigment, and they smelled like old lipsticks use to smell. I laughed and was intrigued. I went to the store and bought the shade she called her all-time favorite of the collection. (It’s called “All out pout”) When I got it home I put it on to try it. The smell of the lipstick was just the same as my Grandma Wagner’s lipstick. It didn’t smell bad it just smelled like so many wonderful memories. I stood for about a full two minutes just smelling the lipstick and smiling. It brought me back to sitting in the passage seat of the old Chevy Celebrity, waiting for my siblings, digging through my Grandma’s makeup bag, and the smile on her face as I put on her bright pink lipstick. I’m always amazed by the memories just a smell can bring up. I’m grateful for my memories of my grandma and the times we had to together. I’m grateful for my sister being my first makeup teacher. I’m grateful for a makeup that inspires me to try out my artist side and gives me confidence. I’m grateful for a great lipstick.

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