I am 56!...and proud of it.

Heart update:

Today I had my annual cardiologist appointment. It was earlier in the year than it usually is because I asked to see my doctor to talk about some A-fib beats I have been feeling. I have been having A-fib beats (where the heart speeds up momentarily on its own) for two years now. Most A-fib patients don’t even know that are having them. In my case I have been feeling shortness of breath and lightheaded with mine since about December of last year. They are happening a lot now, and my body has been taking a beating. I had an echocardiogram last Thursday to get a better look at my heart and see how the pulmonary and tricuspid valves are doing in my heart. They are the valves that I have had multiple surgeries done on. Thankfully both valves are doing well. My doctor did upscale the pulmonary valve to 3 out of 4, but his nurse also assured me that people can live for years at a 4 (meaning it’s in severe shape) without having to have another surgery. My doctor and I discussed my symptoms, and he believes that with an adjustment to my pacemaker, I should be feeling less of the A-fib beats. I will have an appointment with my pacemaker doctor in about two weeks to get that changed made. I am hoping that helps me feel so much better. If not our next course of action would be a treadmill echocardiogram where I would walk on a treadmill to try and reproduce my symptoms so that can see it on an echo. That doesn’t sound fun at all. IF they did find the issue I might have to have an ablation done in my heart to block off the A-fib beats from affecting the rest of my heart. SO, we are hoping the pacemaker adjustment works and that none of that is necessary.

Some of you may remember that my dad had a heart attack last October. He has been recovering well, and God has really worked a miracle in his life. My dad’s EF number was a great cause for concern for quite a while. It was very low and that was an indication that his heart was really quite damaged. We prayed over him as a family and in January we found out that his EF number had gone up to 50!! (Normal is 55-70). It was a great and miraculous indication that his heart was healing and recovering. Today at my appointment I asked what MY EF number was. It had been such a topic of conversation in my family that I was curious. I wondered with all my heart had been through if I would have a low EF number. Well, I am happy to report my EF is 56!! I’m normal! First time I’ve been able to say that (lol) and I ok with that. :)

Now that I have had a good report and I have a plan to fix the issues I feel ready to take on the world again. I hope to get back on track with my blogging and some healthy lifestyle changes. Stay tuned for more to come. Thanks for your prayers, care, and support.

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