Birthdays - love them or hate them?

I love my birthday. I'm proud to get to another birthday each year. For all the insecurities and struggles I face every other day my birthday is the one day I wake up with that "Heck Yeah!" attitude. I feel powerful and accomplished that I have yet again conquered another year of my life. I am still being used to bring good into people's lives. I am still needed here for whatever time God gives me. That is the biggest blessing to me. I am flawed. I make mistakes. I sin. But God still wants to use me for His glory in some way today. I am amazed by that truth. My time to go home to heaven has not come yet, though I've thought I was close a few times. I am blessed with another day, another month, another year. That is why I love celebrating my birthdays.

When I hit a milestone birthday (anything that ends in 0 or 5 ;)) I throw big themed parties. I started this at my 30th birthday. I was so excited to make it to 30 that I threw a "roaring 20s" birthday party. The theme was "She's roaring out of her 20s and into her 30s!" We had a big spaghetti dinner, most the guest dressed up for the theme; we had a photo booth, and played minute to win it games. It was a big hit and everyone had a great time. It was awesome!

When I hit 35 my first book had just been published so we combined my book launch and my birthday party. The book launch was from 2 pm to 5 pm and the birthday party we from 5:30 pm to 8 pm. I was so blessed to be able to celebrate this big accomplishment of my first book and my birthday with so many wonderful people. I am constantly amazed by how far the Lord has brought me. I'm so excited to start planning my 40th!

A friend of mine was complaining about getting old the other day and hating birthdays. I shared that I see age and birthdays more as things to be celebrated and cherished. We are never guaranteed tomorrow. With each passing year, we should celebrate the good things God has given us, gain wisdom from all our experiences and make sure we love everyone around us well. We are blessed, my friends. Celebrate life. Praise God in good and bad times. Thank Him for every day you are given to make a difference in this world. You may not be able to change the world but you can make a change in your part of the world. Love people well. Use kind words. Be an imitator of Jesus.

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