Hello Friends! Happy September! I hope you all had a great summer! Mine was busy and seemed to fly by. It definitely ended too quickly. My husband and I have had a few "inconveniences" this summer. Let me tell you about a couple of the bigger ones and share a little about what God has been teaching me this summer.

First, our washing machine broke. Not a huge deal for some, but it came right after we had a very bad storm. There was massive flooding in central Iowa and lots of homes were damaged. We have minor flooding in our basement, but thankfully nothing was destroyed…except for our washing machine. In the midst of being inconvenienced, we saw God's blessings. We found out that a store in town was having a huge sale for any family that had damaged appliances because of the flood. We were able to get a new washing machine at a very affordable price.

The next inconvenience was a bit scarier. Jon was in his very first car accident this summer. It was on a Friday that I was working from home. He drove my car to work and 20 minutes after he left I got a call from an unknown number on my cell phone. I didn't answer. Then the home phone rang. I didn't know the name the popped up, but at the same time, my cell phone dinged with a message.

"Hey, Babe it's me. I've been in an accident at the intersection of Merle Hay and Hickman. I'm ok. You need to come to pick me up because I think your car is totaled."

My heart stopped momentarily. I called the number right back. It was the officer's cell phone who was on the scene with Jon. (Jon doesn't own a cell phone, but that's a story for another day.) Apparently, a man turned right into Jon as he was going through the intersection, and hit him on the driver's side of the car. The man claimed he didn't see Jon because of the sun but immediately admitted fault. The front end of my car was very crunched up and the airbag had deployed. It was totaled.

From there we went home called the insurance company and started the claim. Jon wasn't hurt bad, but he did suffer some whiplash and bruising on his arm. He was sore for a few days. We chatted throughout the day about what happened and it took Jon quite a while to come out of the shock of it all.

God's blessings in all this came from two things. First, we had friends scheduled to visit us that weekend, and Jon told them to come. They were a much-needed distraction from the worry and unknowns we were both thinking about. Secondly, our claim was processed very quickly. Progressive took good care of us, and we got a good amount of money back for a car replacement. I did my due diligence and researched many used cars in our area. We went car shopping two weeks after the crash and came home with a 2009 Pontiac G5. We found out that car is built on the same chassis as my old car; the inside of the car looks almost identical to the inside of my last car. SCORE! It's a fun little car and we got it for the exact amount we were given from Progressive. Praise the Lord!

These are just a couple of the bigger inconveniences that came into our lives this summer, but in all this, I saw God's blessings and provisions. Let me be honest, I am a worrier. I am prone to internalizing my anxieties. Worry and doubt can steal so much from us. I have found myself praying more this summer for God to take things away than to teach me through them. I am learning to stop that. I need to trust God more. He is a good and loving God. He wants His best for me. This life is a vapor the Bible says and we all need to start praying for an eternal perspective on this life.

Let me encourage you today. Life's inconveniences are just a set up for God's blessings. Don't worry about tomorrow. God's already there. He knows the end of your story, and these inconveniences are only a blip on the radar of your life. Blessings are coming if you will have an eternal perspective and trust in God's timing.

#advice #Godlessons

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