Our wedding outfits

My Dress: I found it at a little bridal shop called Hart's Bridal in Osceola Iowa. I went there originally to find a dress I found online. Once I tried it on though, it was not what I wanted. The owner of the store encouraged me to just grab whatever I wanted off the racks and try it on. I was looking for a high necked dress to cover my open heart surgery scars so that narrowed it down a lot for us. The dress I finally found was a princess feeling dress and I cried when I looked at myself in the mirror. I'd never been in a dress before or since that has made me feel more beautiful. At that same little store, I found my veil and hair crown to make the outfit even more perfect.

I decided a long time ago that I would wear tennis shoes on my wedding day. I loved the movie Father of the Bride with Steve Martin when I was younger. In the movie, George Banks is a tennis shoe designer and salesman. He makes his daughter a pair of white and lace tennis shoes to wear on her wedding day. When I saw that I promised myself that I would wear tennis shoes on my wedding day. I always thought it was a good representation of who I was. I was a tomboy growing up but definitely had the girly princess side too. I hunted for the perfect sneaker and found a white pair of Sketchers (which I was obsessed with at the time) with a blue S on them. That became my "something blue."

Bridesmaid's dresses: I also found my bridesmaid dresses at Hart's Bridal in Osceola Iowa. I chose a two-piece dress for my bridesmaids. The skirts and color were my choices, and then the girls all chose a top that best suited them. That way everyone was comfortable with their choices. I was also hoping that would mean they could wear them again, though I'm not sure if they ever did. I chose red and silver as my colors because my flowers were going to incorporate fire and ice roses. (My favorite flower) If you've never seen fire and ice roses they are white on the outside of the petal and red on the inside. So gorgeous! Boesen the Florist did a wonderful job on flowers for us.

His suit: Jon rented his tuxedo and his groomsmen tuxedos from Milroy's Formal Wear. He wanted to wear a bowtie but at the time I told him that was too old-fashioned and a tie looked better. Now, I wish I would've let him have the bow tie. It is definitely more his personality. He was very handsome in his suit. He did find very cool white on black shoes that he could rent that was very much his personality. We laughed later about how our shoes best showcased our personalities.

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