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Jon and I both love music. It was very important to use that the music at our wedding represented us. We talked a lot about it. Here are the songs we chose for our ceremony and why. If you want to listen to the song, just click on the title.

Parents and Grandparents seating: "Your love is extravagant" By: Casting Crowns

Why: I had heard it at another wedding and it is a beautiful worship song. It talks about God's love for us which we are supposed to emulate in our marriages. I wanted it to be the first song to set a worshipful mood for the day.

Procession: "I could not ask for more" By Edwin McCain Why: We loved the words of the song. It reflected how our hearts felt about our meeting and all that God had blessed us within our relationship.

Bridal Entry: "El Rey" By Lassie Foundation Why: Jon had told me a story about hearing this song for the first time when he was a middle schooler. He told his best friend at the time that if he ever got married, he wanted to see his wife walk down the aisle to that song. He got his wish.

Unity candle ceremony and communion ceremony: "Shine on us" By Phillips, Craig, and Dean As sung by My Uncle Todd, brother-in-law Josh and our music pastor Brett Hendrickson Why: The song is a prayer. It contained all the words and meaning we wanted for our marriage.

Recessional: "Happy Together" By The Turtles

Why: Jon and I struggled for a while to find "our song". We love the oldies and upbeat music, but nothing really was working for us. One day on his way home from work he heard this on the radio. He said he knew right away this was meant to be "our song." I loved it and it has been "Our song" ever since.

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