Please help!!!

My book has been available for purchase for almost 4 months! Wow! That is awesome, but I am looking for some help. As a first time self published author I am finding I need to do all the marketing myself. That is difficult to say the least, but I think YOU could help me with some of that. To find out how you can help me sell more books keep reading!

Step #1: Buy my book! (if you haven’t already :) )

Why? Well my hope is that through my own health stories and practical advice I can help anyone facing health problems to learn:

  • How to be an essential part of their health care team

  • How to survive and thrive in the hospital

  • What to expect on the road to recovery

  • How to be a part of someone else’s support system

  • How faith is important to the healing process

My hope is you read, enjoy, learn from and are inspired by my story. Maybe even inspired enough to start talking and writing about your own story.

Step #2: Share my book

There are couple ways you could do this.

First, in person. If you have someone in your life going through surgeries, health problems, or living in the hospital get them a copy of this book, share your own with them, or even buy a copy for a family member of someone going through health struggles. It could help them to know they are not alone in their fight and it could teach them something valuable. Word of mouth is a powerful resource.

Secondly, on social media. Once you’ve read it - talk about it on your Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, or Instagram. You never know who in your circle of “friends” in social media may be going through, or knows someone who is going through, a hard time physically right now. This book is for them. Let them know about!

Step #3: Review the book

This is one of the MOST IMPORTANT steps to me!! Think about how many times you go to buy something on Amazon and you look to see how many stars it has. Those reviews hold a lot of power and I need them to get this book moved up on the page. As of writing this blog I only have two reviews on my Amazon page. :( If you read the book, would you please, please, please, take a moment to post a review for me??? Honest reviews only please. Good, bad, or indifferent I don’t care. I just need some more reviews on my Amazon page!

Step#4: Pray for me

This is a new adventure for me. I am now an author, and that is really weird to think about still, but I know this was part of God’s plan for my life. I would really appreciate any prayers you could offer up for me. Here are three main ways you can pray for me.

  1. Pray that I am put into the path of people who need to hear my story and that I would be an encouragement to them. I always worry that I won’t have the right words to say in the moment. I just must believe God will equip me for each encounter to be the most encouraging and informative that I can.

  2. Pray that God continues to open doors for me to share my story and my passion to teach people to be health care advocates for themselves and their loved ones. I would love to do more speaking I just need to find the right people who would like to hear from me. J

  3. Pray my health holds strong. My valve is at the 10-year mark. I am told that a pig valve can last from 10-15 years. I want to stay healthy and strong as long as I possibly can, so please pray that continues to be the case.

I am so grateful to all of you for your support and love. It means the world to me! I hope that you will enjoy the book enough to help me out by reviewing it, sharing it, and talking about it. And thank you in advance for your prayers.

#MissionMondays #Advocate #book

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