We have a new family member!

His name is Sparky and is my parent’s cat. They are doing renovations in their home and can’t have him in the way. We are fostering him for about 4 months. We’ve been trying our best to incorporate him into our home slowly. We have two other cats as you may know, so we’ve been trying to make sure they all become friends.

He’s a very talkative cat in the mornings which is funny and annoying all at the same time. I’ve started having “conversations” with him for my own amusement.


“Oh, you don’t say!”


“Really? What else did he say?”

It cracks my husband and me up, and Sparky appreciates the attention. He’s very laid back and a love bug. Our cats are love bugs too but we have found that they are more the jealous type so far. Lewis has been more accepting of Sparky than Gibbs has, but every once in a while they will all have a moment of getting along. We are hoping that in the next few weeks he will become just another family member to them and that we can all live in peace…and with very little hissing.


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