A planner's challenge

I’m a planner. My head is a pile of checklists. I have so many things going on in my head to keep track of that I sometimes get overwhelmed. I have learned that if I have too much happening in my head that it is important for me to write it down. I like to write, but sometimes I need to write. I put those checklists down on paper so I don’t forget anything. I also have to categorize those checklists sometimes. One list for home, one for wedding coordinating, one for book & business, one for work, and one for youth group…you get the point. And my calendar…oh good Lord! I have to write down an event or I will forget it.

This past week I saw this quote, yet again on Toby Mac’s Facebook page, and it got me thinking. How many times do I take these lists before the Lord? How many times do I even pray before I plan anything? Not often, if ever. I make plans so quickly because that’s how my mind works. When an idea comes up I am instantly dreaming of multiple options to bring that dream to fruition. I have also found that this is why my husband and I are such a good match. I dream and he is my reality check. I take my ideas to him and he can see all the obvious (at least to him) flaws. It’s annoying sometimes to be very honest, but he is truthful and helpful. He only wants the best for me. My Heavenly Father is like that too. He only wants the best for me. I believe that is why He gave me such a great match as my husband.

I can honestly say that there are several dreams that I have never had the courage to write down, but those I have bathed in prayer because those are big dreams. In writing this book I am slowly finding my courage and my voice. I am finding that God’s plans are bigger than mine. That is scary sometimes. I don’t like the unknown. I do know that there are dreams in my head and heart that I believe God has put there. If I continue to listen to His voice, be obedient to His calling, and pray over those dreams they will eventually become reality. I am trying now to be purposeful in my plans.

Is this something that will benefit me or my family?

Is this pleasing to the Lord or will grow me in my walk with Him?

Is this something that is developing me as a person?

Is this something that brings me joy?

I will pray for those answers as I make plans, and hopefully, in the end, my life will be less overwhelming and more full of purpose.


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