Aisle runner? Just say no!

Confession: The one wedding decoration I hate more than any other is the aisle runner. The aisle runner is the bane of my existence as a wedding coordinator.

Why? A few reasons:

  1. No one will see it unless they sit on the center aisle, or are in the wedding party.

  2. It can’t be rolled out until right before the bride walks down the aisle because it can be easily destroyed. If a lot of people walk on it, it can tear, bunch up, and cause people to trip. You have to roll it out right before the flower girl walks down, so she spreads flowers over the top so the bride can walk on all that, and hopefully not trip.

  3. Before the guests exit the wedding ceremony the aisle runner has to be rolled back up so that no one trips on it while leaving the sanctuary.

  4. It is a waste of money. Most aisle runners cost anywhere from $20 – $75 depending on how nice the material it is made out of, and you can only use it once.

  5. No one will ever remember it was there. The candles, the rings, the unity ceremony, all that will have meaning and add to the ambiance of the ceremony. An aisle runner is not needed.

I don’t usually share my negative feelings towards aisle runners with my brides. I do ask if they want to use one, and if they haven’t made up their minds I do try to diplomatically lead them away from using one. I explain the logistics of when it has to be rolled out and rolled back up. I also explain they will need to pick one, maybe two people to do this job. Most brides see the folly in this and the waste of money this decoration will be and forego using it. (Praise the Lord!) For the brides who just must have an aisle runner, I accept my defeat and make sure that a person(s) is chosen to handle this task, and then review their job with them the night of the wedding rehearsal.

Is it a big deal? No. Would I rather not deal with the extra hassle? Yes. But if the bride wants it, she will get it because it is her day. It is up to me to make sure the ceremony is as close to perfect as we can get…aisle runners and all.

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