Gibbs and Lewis

Today I decided to tell you the story of adopting our fur-babies. Jon and I don’t have kids of our own, for obvious reasons, but I will write about that on another day. Today is all about Gibbs Lucas and Lewis Picard, known to everyone in our world as just Gibbs and Lewis.

Gibbs and Lewis came into this world nine years ago this week. Their mother was an American Short hair mix and their father was a Maine Coon. Their mother lived with a loving family in Indianola Iowa while their father was a vagabond. They had a brief romance which left her a single mother of three kittens. Her family still loved and excepted her even after they found out she was pregnant. The family kept and cared for the three kittens for four weeks until they found out they would have to move because the father had gotten a new job. Moving to Missouri with four cats seemed too much and they made to heart-breaking decision to give the boys up for adoption, and keep the mother and her daughter. They listed the two boy kittens, which they had now named Lewis and Plato, on Craigslist and prayed a good family would adopt them.

We had talked for a couple months about getting a couple cats. We are firm believers that animals should always have a friend. I had been looking at the Animal Rescue League of Iowa’s website for a couple weeks. Jon said he did not want to pay for a cat because they are plenty of people giving away kittens for free. So, we put the word out to our family and friends that we were on the hunt for the perfect pair of free kittens. My mom suggested we look at Craigslist because people list adoptable pets on it all the time. I became obsessed watching Craigslist for two kittens looking for a good home. Four days into my search an ad for two eight-week-old kittens came up. They were brothers and the cutest kittens I had ever seen! As soon as I saw their picture I knew they were our boys! I shot the ad to Jon in an email and he agreed that he wanted to see them in person. That night I called the Indianola family. They were so kind and sweet! Indianola is about a 30-minute drive to Des Moines where we live. The mother told me that the family would be in the Des Moines area the day after tomorrow, and they would be happy to bring the cats with them. “GREAT! Delivery service cats”, I thought. The next day we went Target to get all the cats supplies we thought we’d need, and prepared ourselves (as best we could) to be cat parents.

The next day went by SO slowly as we eagerly anticipated the arrival of the kittens. As the family showed up the mother and father met us in the driveway with the boys in a kitten bassinet the mother had made. She said it smelled like their mother and she wanted them to keep it. We both took a kitten and were instantly smitten!! The mother and father talked with us a bit more, explained their names, and then left. Lewis was named after Lewis and Clark because he liked to explore. Plato was named after the Greek philosopher because he liked to sit and watch and think.

We kept them in one room of our house to start with, as most animal behaviorist will recommend, so they didn’t get overwhelmed. That didn’t last very long because we found out they were very social cats. They wanted to be with their people. So, the first three nights we didn’t get much sleep because they whined and cried at the office door. We finally gave in and let them have the run of the place. We decided we didn’t like the name Plato, and wanted to change it. Lewis’s name seemed to fit, so we left it. We were big into the show NCIS at the time and Gibbs is one of the main characters. Even though he’s nothing like the character on the show we like the name and it stuck.

Over the past nine years they have both brought a lot of love, adventure and laughter into our lives. I will cover more of their adventures in another post someday because there is a lot I could tell you about them. They have grown into big boys (Gibbs (l) -21 lbs, and Lewis (r) -16 lbs) and they get that from their father. We love them dearly and are grateful to have such fun and loving pets.


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