What Bishop California taught me.

Bishop California

I had the privilege of visiting Bishop, CA for the first time this year during my vacation I took a month ago. I recounted the first part of my trip to Las Vegas in my previous “Just for fun” Friday post. Today I wanted to share with you about this small town that is home to one of my best friends. Amy and I met in college, and being from Iowa I was amazed to meet a girl from California at a college in Missouri. She would tell me all about her hometown of maybe 3,800 people in the middle of the Sierra Nevada mountain range and the White Mountains. She made it sound so picturesque…and she wasn’t wrong! Once I got to see it for myself I can honestly say I was so happy to be there. It is a beautiful and very welcoming place.

Bishop California

When we started our drive out of Las Vegas Amy warned Kristi and I that we would be driving through three very winding mountain passes to get to her small town. She told us that if we got car sick to tell her and she’d pull over. We climbed about 3,000 feet in elevation in that drive. Kristi and I did fine both going and coming from Bishop, but it was Amy who had to pull over when we were almost to her hometown for a breather. We teased her about that for a bit.

Bishop California

Our first night there we went to dinner at Cardinal Pizzeria. It was located about another 3,000 feet up in elevation, but the drive was worth it. Cardinal was a restaurant that was all you can eat fire oven pizza. It was an outside eatery with just picnic tables, and beautiful mountains all around us. That night I swear we met half of the town. Amy started introducing us to everyone they knew, and then quit half way through the night because there were so many people! They were all so friendly and welcoming. Half of them knew who we were even before we met them. Ah, the joys of a small town! It was so refreshing to see that “All American” small towns still exist!

Bishop California

The rest of our week there we got to hang out with Amy and her family. She has three beautiful kids, and a very kind and hilarious husband. (I promised myself that I would bring my husband out to Bishop just purely to see our two husbands together in the same room. They are so much alike it would be hilarious to watch!) We did so much with her family in our week there. We went boating, shopping on Main Street, visited some of the local eateries, saw a Children’s Theater show, went to Sunday morning church, a pool party, but my most favorite thing was every night after everyone went to bed we three friends would stay up until midnight and just talk. It had been such a long time since I had been able to have deep and meaningful conversations with friends. We shared our joys, concerns, laughed about old times, discussed spiritual trials, and so much more. We bonded all over again, and I left every night feeling refreshed.

Leaving Bishop was harder than I thought it was going to be. I found in that small mountain town a quiet respite for my soul. It was unexpected, but very welcome. The people were warm, the town was endearing, and the scenery reminded my daily of God’s creatively and love. My friendships grew deeper with my two friends, and my soul felt refreshed and encouraged. I plan to return, and I plan to remember the most important things Bishop taught me:

  1. There are still Mayberry towns in American full of welcoming people

  2. Girl’s vacations are worth the time, effort and money.

  3. Building health relationships requires you to be genuine and kind to everyone.

  4. ​​"We don’t respond in kind, we respond by being kind."

  5. I am a daughter of THE King. I answer to no one but Him.

  6. God will sometimes get your attention in the most unexpected ways.

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