No music, no stylist and two cakes…what else could go wrong?

I was told when I first started wedding coordinating that you will have two kinds of brides: one that doesn’t want to plan anything and wants you to do it all for her OR the bride that has planned everything to a tee and you just have to help make it happen. This story is a perfect example of this first.

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The mistake I see many brides and grooms make is that a small wedding means no planning needs to happen. Nope. You still have to plan things if you want a small church wedding. This Bride and Groom wanted a simple and small wedding. The bride was under the illusion that I would plan EVERYTHING for her. I set her straight at the first meeting that I was not the planner. I was the coordinator or liaison to help make sure everyone knew where to be when, but I wasn’t planning anything, this was up to her. She had her mom and daughter helping her, so I thought she’d be ok. At our last meeting before the wedding, one week before the wedding, I asked about the music choices for the ceremony. She got a deer in the head lights look, and said “Music for what in the wedding?” I explained she would want processional music, entrance music, candle lighting ceremony music, and recessional music. She had no idea what to pick and even told me “well I’ve never been to a wedding before, what do I choose?” I internally shocked at this news before telling her that anything she liked would be fine as long as it was church appropriate.

The day of the wedding I showed up an hour and a half before the wedding, per my norm, to find the bride still getting ready even though they were supposed to be half way through getting their pictures taken. Come to find out the morning had been a disaster of epic proportions. The bride woke up late, the hair stylist canceled because of a family emergency, two cakes showed up at the church because the cancel for one cake order didn’t get communicated, and they were now running one hour behind. WOOOOOW…this was a mess. So I jumped right in to help the frazzled bride. She had short hair so she was fine with doing her own, but her daughter (her only bridesmaid) had long hair that she wanted half up. Her daughter was also fond of the punk rocker look and was doing her best to do her makeup lighter to go with the beautiful dress she was in and please her mother the bride. I mustered up all the years of doing my friend’s hair for social dances at school and got to curling the bridesmaid’s hair. A professional I am not, as she could tell you because I burned her ear with the curling iron, but we got her hair looking beautiful and feminine like she wanted.

The bride finally got into her dress 45 minutes before the wedding. We were able to get her upstairs to the groom for their first look and decided to take the rest of the photos after the wedding. Good choice. We started the wedding on time and everything went off without a hitch from there. The bride and groom took maybe 10 minutes worth of pictures after the wedding and then headed over to the reception.

Alls well that ends well, as they say! Phew!

#WeddingWednesday #Weddingdisaster

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