Viva Las Vegas

Happy Friday Everyone! I have decided that Fridays will be “Just for Fun Friday” on my page. I will blog about whatever I want. It could be a story, a craft, a recipe, whatever sounds like fun for that Friday.

Today is the story of my first trip to Las Vegas.

Las Vegas

I just got back from my big vacation two weeks ago. I had the privilege of visiting my dear friend Amy in California. Amy and I met in college and became fast and forever friends. Amy is from a small northern town in California called Bishop. She told me all about it in college, but I’ve never been able to visit…until now. I was so excited when last March Jon and I crunched the numbers and realized I’d be able to make the trip work this year. The only problem is that Jon is currently working a temp job and doesn’t have any paid time off. I didn’t really want to travel by myself, so I called one of my other close friends from college, Kristi, to see if she wanted to go with me. She was SO excited when I asked her and immediately said yes. We planned to meet up in Kansas City and fly out from there. Kristi lives in MO and it was a two-hour drive for her and a three-hour drive for me. We found that the closest airport to Amy’s house was the Las Vegas airport. It was a 4 and a half hour drive. I had never been in Las Vegas before and decided that we should stay a couple days to look around. Now, please understand Kristi, Amy and I are all Christian women and Las Vegas isn’t really our idea of a vacation town. We don’t gamble, party, and only one of us occasionally drinks alcohol. (NOT ME).


Kristi and I decided we would both pick one thing we MUST do while there for our 48 hours. The rest of the time we would shop and sight-see. I had heard the Cirque de Soleil shows there were amazing and always wanted to go, so that was my must. Kristi was going to Paris France two weeks after our trip and chose to go to the top of the Las Vegas Eiffel tower for her must. The last thing to choose was where to stay. I told Kristi the Bellagio Hotel was the epitome of Las Vegas to me. We decided to shell out the money for a fountain view room, and we were not disappointed!

The first night in Vegas Kristi and I went to the Paris hotel across the street from the Bellagio. We did the Eiffel tour for Kristi. The half scale replica of the world-famous Paris landmark has an observation deck 46 stories up featuring 360-degree city views. Kristi loved it. I’m not a fan of heights but I did fine. Then we walked to “the streets of Paris” and ate dinner at a little crepe shop called La Creperie. Then we walked back across the street to the Bellagio, bought gelato in a little shop, and took it to our room to watch the foundations show from our window. It was amazing! From 8 pm to midnight it was a new show every fifteen minutes. We went to bed about 11 pm because we were exhausted from traveling.

The next day we ate breakfast in a little shop in the Bellagio and then went shopping the rest of the day at the Coca Cola store, the M&M store, and the Hersey store. At the Coca Cola store, we did the international challenge where for $9 we got 18 different Coca Cola drinks from all around the world to try. We had a great time discussing, judging, and laughing about all the different flavors.

After we were thoroughly exhausted from shopping we went back to the hotel to clean up and wait for Amy to show up. She was driving in to pick us up, and take us back to her house for five days the next morning. We had all decided that she would join us for our last night and we would do a girls night out together. She showed up around 4 pm and there was a lot of giddy screaming, hugging, laughing and tears (yes I cried happy tears when I first hugged her!). We finished getting ready together and grabbed an Uber over to the MGM. We were surprised and thrilled when we heard the Christian radio station playing in his car. He explained his salvation story to us and we shared how we all became friends at the Christian University. It was a fun reminder from God that He is in everything we do.

We ate dinner at a steak house called Crush, and then attended the 7 pm show of KA. I was SO excited to finally be able to see a Cirque show. IT. WAS. AMAZING!!! I highly recommend you go see it if you ever get the chance. We all loved it. We ended our night back in our room (by 10 pm :D ) eating gelato, watching the fountains, and catching up.

It was such a fun couple of days! Even though we didn’t partake of the “sins of Sin City”, we had a great time. I have other thoughts about Vegas that I can give on another day, but I am so glad I have friends that are on the same page as me and we all enjoyed our short trip to Vegas.

Stay tuned for more about Bishop California next Friday…

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