The accidental wedding coordinator


I’ve been a wedding coordinator for my church for six years now. As you may guess I have a lot of stories and advice from my experiences, so I’ve decided to make Wednesdays

“Wedding Wednesday”.

Disclaimer: All names will be changed (or completely avoided) to protect the innocent, or stupid, whatever the case may be. :)

I decided to start with how I got into wedding coordinating because it was kinda by accident…

I was contacted by my church’s youth pastor’s wife, Renee. She had been given the job of building a team of wedding coordinators. We needed a team because that particular year there was something like 20 weddings on the calendar. Renee realized quickly that one person could not do this job on their own, and talked to our lead pastor about asking two or three other women to volunteer their time to be wedding coordinators. Apparently my name came up in the discussion. So, I got a phone call on a Monday morning at work one day (this is before I owned a cell phone. You know…2011) Renee was on the phone and asked if I’d be interested in being a wedding coordinator. Silence. My mind raced as I contemplated my answer. I had no idea what I was getting into, or what to expect.

I think she could sense my hesitancy and quickly added, “Well there is a small catch. There is a wedding this coming Saturday. I am the photographer for the wedding. I can run the rehearsal, but I need someone to run the wedding the day of. SO, can you help me out?”

I tell you this truly I think I had an out of body experience because I heard myself say “Sure! Sounds like fun!” ….wait, what did I just say? I guess you could say it was a God thing. I jumped in with both feet and never looked back.

I agreed to meet her and the bride on Wednesday evening after church classes were dismissed. When I did meet with them, I learned what a wedding coordinator’s job really entailed. In our church the wedding coordinator acts as a liaison between the officiate, the sound guys, the church office, the cleaning crew, the A/C and heat crew, and the bride and groom. It is the wedding coordinators job to make sure everyone knows where they need to be when, and that they all know what they are doing. The coordinator meets with the bride and groom twice to talk over details of the big day. Anything and everything gets talked over, so we are all on the same page. The wedding coordinator is also in charge of preparing the dressing rooms, assigning sound technicians, collecting the payments, leading the rehearsal, unlocking the church, turning on all the lights, making sure the temperature in the build is comfy, keeping everyone on schedule on the wedding day, make sure the wedding begins on time, and everything goes as planned. Lastly the wedding coordinator makes sure the sanctuary gets cleaned up and everything gets put back how we found it for Sunday morning services. It’s a lot of work! There is a monetary compensation of $100, but you really have to have a heart for it and have the skills of dealing with all different types of people. It’s a sacrifice of time and service. Amazingly, I found it really like it, and I’m really good at it.

Three years into this wedding coordinator adventure Renee and her family moved to Minnesota and she handed the lead wedding coordinator reins over to me. Here I am going on six years, and I have found not only do I have a lot of stories I could tell you, but I also have a lot of advice I can offer about weddings. So, on Wedding Wednesdays I will either share some wedding advice, or a funny wedding story. In this line of work, there’s always something you don’t tell the bride. :)

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